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UPDATED: Malta’s Pre-Selection Songs

Here are Malta’s final 24 acts. These 24 will be whittled down to 16 before the national final on 4th February.

The 24 semi-finalists (alphabetical order)

1. Amber – Answers with your eyes (Ray Agius & Alfred C. Sant)
2. Anna Azzopardi – Still waiting (Samuel Bugia Garrido & Athanassios Nakos)
3. Annalise Ellul – Whoop it up! (Elton Zarb & Deo Grech)
4. Claudia Faniello – Pure (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)
5. Corazon Mizzi – Mystifying eyes (Paul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan)
6. Danica Muscat – 7 days (Philip Vella)
7. Deborah C feat. Leila James – You make me go UH UH (David Vervoort & Patrick Reiner)
8. Dorothy Bezzina – Autobiography (Magnus Kaxc & Gerard James Borg)

9. Eleanor Cassar – I want to run away (Paul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan)
10. Fabrizio Faniello – I will fight for you (Papa’s song) (J. Beoerham, N. Edberger, R. Uhlmann, W.Fenech & F. Faniello)
11. Francesca Borg – Take me far (Marco Debono & Doris Chetcuti)
12. Gianni Zammit – Petals on a rose (R. Abrahamsson, A. Aly, N. Numhauser & T. Fenech)
13. Isabelle Zammit – Walk on water (Paul Giordimania & Fleur Balzan)
14. Janice Mangion – While her eyes still glow (Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)
15. J. Anvil – You are my life (George Georgion)
16. Jessica Muscat – Dance romance (Phillip Vella & Jessica Muscat)

17. Kaya – First time (Georgios Kalpadikis)
18. Klinsmann – No way back (Paul Albela, Klinsmann Coleiro & Jonathan C. Spiteri)
19. Kurt Calleja – This is the night (Johann Jamtberg & Kurt Calleja)
20. Lawrence Gray – In your eyes (Philip Vella & Cher Vella)
21. Nadine Bartolo – Can’t get away (Philip Vella)
22. Richard Edwards – Look at me now (Jan Van Dijck & Richard Micallef)
23. Romina Mamo – DNA (Michael James Tanczos & Gerard James Borg)
24. Wayne Micallef – Time (Wayne Micallef)

Some of these people look as if they’re the result of some genetic experiment gone wrong; that or inbreeding – especially that Jessica Muscat.

The songs are mostly awful. No! They’re all awful! There is one singer with a song that looks remotely and commercially acceptable, and that is Klinsmann – No Way Back.

Update-14/12/11: Full song clips released by TVM and are view able here. Having watched some of the songs in full, I’m not so sure Klinsmann is as strong as I originally presumed.

Emerging into the ‘acceptable’ category to challenge Klinsmann, are Annalise Ellul and Claudia Faniello. All songs would need heavy reworking to compete in the semi finals at Eurovision though.

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