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Be Sure To Sing In Tune

It’s like an ill-timed fart – nothing kills the moment more than a bum-note or a croaky voice.  The juries’ votes are based on the second dress rehearsal, so an act’s success depends on two perfect performances.  Reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for these rehearsal performances is paramount.

In 2011, Armenia’s Emmy offered a far from perfect rendition of Boom Boom on the night the juries were marking semi final 1.  That moment effectively decided Armenia’s non-qualification.

Blue, performing for the United Kingdom, suffered a similar lapse in quality.  Their jury performance was widely reported as being below par and was certainly not comparable to their live final performance.  This is highlighted in the split result, where there was a massive 17-place difference between the TV audience and juries.

In 2010, we witnessed this rule fall flat on its face when Germany stormed to victory.  Message boards, forums and major press commentators remarked on the fact that Lena failed to sing in tune at various points throughout her performances.  So noticeable was this, odds for Lena’s Satellite were as high as 5.0 on the day of the Eurovision final, having been written off by the majority of punters as being too risky.

The same could be said on the build up to the 2011 final, where Azerbaijan arguably won by default.  Nevertheless, the juries still placed them second in the split result regardless of Nikki’s vocal weaknesses.

The wave of popularity for a particular song can sometimes nullify the rules us punters hold so dear.  Just remember, rules are made to be broken and if a song still sounds passable, it’s likely both voting parties will overlook that particular detail and instead focus on the unique and marketable qualities of a song; hence why Germany did so well in 2010.

Split Result 2011


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