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Herning to Host “Biggest Danish Melodi Grand Prix Ever”

Danmarks Radio has announced that Jyske Bank Boxen, in Herning, the capital of the Danish Midtjylland region, will host “the biggest Melodi Grand Prix ever”, on 26th January 2013. According to the national broadcaster, there will be room for up to 15 000 spectators.

The Danmarks Radio website announced the following today on their website (translation, and any attendant errors, all this writer’s own):

“When the hosts say good evening and welcome to the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2013 on Saturday 26th January, it will be in front of the largest crowd in the competition’s history.

dr.dk/grandprix can now reveal that it will be Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning which will host the pop spectacular, and there will be room for up to 15,000 spectators.

“The Danish Melodi Grand Prix is the oldest existing TV program we have at Danmarks Radio. It’s older than the TV News, so we have to take good care of it. It is therefore entirely appropriate to pay tribute to the music in an environment where a record number of Danes have access to experience the show live,” Grand Prix commentator Ole Tøpholm told dr.dk/grandprix.

Third time in Herning – but never before in Boxen
It is the third time that the capital of Midtjylland will host the Eurovision Song Contest, but the first time in Boxen, where stars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Rihanna have performed, and where the X Factor finals took place this year.

And in Herning they are very pleased to have another visit from the Grand Prix carousel.

“The great DR party makes for life, partying and colour, and I know that many good local services will work together to create a great experience for the citizens, the audience and the participating artists,” said the city’s mayor, Lars Krarup.

“That was the case the last time Melodi Grand Prix visited us, and we have since gained even more experience with big events, so I look forward to a great public festival. The city will offer a wide range of musical activities in January in the weeks leading up to the Danish Grand Prix.” And the party will continue, as the Saturday after the Junior MGP will take place in the same town.

Swedish victory spills over into Denmark

There has been great interest in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix this year. A total of 692 entries were registered by the deadline of 24th September, which is a record for recent times.
Ole Tøpholm believes that part of the explanation is that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the other side of the Sound, in Malmö in May.

“The Swedish victory has caused a renewed enthusiasm for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. Because when the Swedes can do it, we can too. I am therefore delighted that we can challenge them with the Danish final, where we will have chosen the song with the best chorus in Europe,” the Grand Prix commentator said.

Tickets for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2013 can be purchased from 12 October 2012 via Billetnet.dk, Danish post offices and MCH Billetsalg in Herning Congress Centre, tel +45 9926 9708. The show will be broadcast live on DR1 on Saturday 26 January.

Host Cities of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix

  • 2013: Herning, BOXEN
  • 2012: Aalborg, Gigantium
  • 2011: Ballerup, Ballerup Super Arena
  • 2010: Aalborg, Gigantium
  • 2009: Herning, Herning Exhibition Centre
  • 2008: Horsens, Horsens Forum,
    semi-finals in DR Byen
  • 2007: Horsens, Horsens Forum,
    semi-finals in Holstebro Music Theatre and Aalborg Culture and Congress Center
  • 2006: Aalborg, Gigantium
  • 2005: Horsens, Horsens Forum
  • 2004: Aarhus, Atletion
  • 2003: No Danish Melodi Grand Prix
  • 2002: Copenhagen, Cirkusbygningen
  • 2001: Herning, Herning Exhibition Centre

Source: http://www.dr.dk/melodigrandprix/Artikler/2013/grandprixcity2013.htm?nyhedsbrev

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